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Our Commitment to Patient Well-being

Cormica is committed to advancing healthcare by providing comprehensive testing services for medical devices and pharmaceuticals. 

Our mission is to improve patients’ lives by providing comprehensive testing services, enabling clients to launch and release their products safely and rapidly across the world. 

We collaborate with medical device developers, combination device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality.

Our Locations

Portsmouth, UK

Wickham Micro Microbiology laboratory Site Photo

One of the largest UK microbiology labratorys offering supieor sample throughput.

Dover, UK

MET Cormica chemistry Laboratory

Leaders in physical, functional, packaging and tranist testing. With a wide range of analytical chemistry services

Bradford, UK

Cormica Bradford Laboratory Location

Advanced analytical chemistry services from method development to validation and beyond

Philadelphia, US

Specializing in Analytical Chemistry Testing Services, Quality Control, Stability Storage & Testing Services.

Meet the Cormica Team

Jane Grewar - Cormica Chairman

Jane Grewar


Partner of Healthcare & Lifesciences at Limerston Capital

Mark Hammond


CEO of Cormica & its group laboratories

Nick Graham Cormica CFO

Nick Graham


Katherine Simpson head of HR Cormica

Katherine Simpson

Head of HR

Damien Cull

Head of Sales

Dr Rob Turner General Manager Wickham Micro

Dr. Robert Turner

General Manager - Wickham Micro

Angela Bell General Manager MET

Angela Bell

General Manager - MET

Caroline German General Manager Cormica Bradford

Caroline German

Operations Director - Bradford

Rupa Iyer

President - TPM Laboratories

Aiden Tingley Group Marketing Associate

Aiden Tingley

Group Marketing Associate

Wickham Micro Ltd: Premier Microbiological Testing Services

Accurate and Comprehensive Microbiological Testing for Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

Wickham Micro Ltd is a GMP and GLP compliant laboratory located in the UK. They hold a drug licence and are FDA compliant, providing high quality microbiology testing services to clients in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Wickham Micro specialises in bacterial endotoxin testing, sterility testing, microbial identification, and environmental monitoring.

Their experienced team of microbiologists, scientists and technicians work to ensure that their clients’ products meet the highest standards for safety and quality. 

Wickham Micro’s laboratory is equipped with modern and advanced instrumentation to provide accurate and reliable results. They utilise a range of microbiological testing methods, including compendial methods, rapid microbiological methods and client-specific methods.

In addition, Wickham Micro provides expert advice on regulatory compliance, offering guidance and support to help clients navigate the complex regulatory landscape. 

Their commitment to quality and customer service is reflected in their long-standing relationships with clients in the UK and around the world.

Wickham Micro Microbiology laboratory Site Photo
Microbiology laboratory at Cormica
Cormica Sterility testing for medical devices and pharmaceuticals
Cormica Analytical chemistry data input
medical engineering technologies Physical Testing

Medical Engineering Technologies Ltd (MET)

A leading provider of medical device testing services

Medical Engineering Technologies Ltd (MET) is a highly respected and trusted medical device testing laboratory, with over 25 years of experience in providing reliable and accurate testing services to clients across the globe. The laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited, ensuring the highest level of quality control and assurance in its testing processes.

With deep expertise in device testing, biocompatibility, transit validation, packaging testing, combination device testing, extractables and leachables, MET generate data to support product claims and regulatory submission. 

The laboratory is equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology and equipment, including test equipment for mechanical, electrical, and environmental testing of medical devices. The team of experienced engineers and technicians at MET has a deep understanding of medical device regulations and standards, enabling them to provide tailored testing services to meet clients’ needs and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Cormica Bradford Ltd

Cormica Bradford Ltd is a GMP / GLP accredited specialist contract research laboratory (CRO), with over 25 years of experience in delivering high quality analytical and laboratory support to the pharmaceutical, medical device, agrochemical, biocide / pesticide, chemical and other industry sectors. Specialists in analytical problem solving, our graduate and PhD level scientists have a high level of experience in their fields, and are expert in the development, validation and deployment of highly sensitive and robust analytical methods.

Our analytical centre of excellence contains an unrivalled breadth of instrumentation, including those required to enact advanced materials characterisation, chromatographic, spectroscopic, elemental and compendial test methods, ensuring we can provide comprehensive analytical solutions, from substance / product characterization and registration through to commercial release testing.

Our independent onsite Quality team monitor / audit all laboratory operations, ensuring compliance with both internal procedures and regulatory requirements, and that projects are delivered to the highest of standards.


Cormica Bradford Laboratory Location
Cormica Bradford Laboratory
Cormica Analytical chemistry Bradford laboratory
The story behind the name Cormica

The story behind Cormica

A Latin-inspired Name for a Mission-driven Company

Cormica is a unique name that has a special meaning behind it. The name is a combination of three Latin words that describe the company’s focus and expertise: corporalis, micro, and chemica.

The word ‘cor’ is derived from ‘corporalis’, which means physical;’mic’ is from ‘micro’, which refers to small or microscopic; and ‘ca’ is from ‘chemica’, which means chemical.

The name Cormica reflects the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive and innovative testing solutions to the medical device industry.

Latin has played a significant role in the history of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Latin was once the universal language of medicine and science, and many medical terms and drug names are derived from Latin roots. The use of Latin is a testament to the enduring legacy of the language in the scientific community.

The name Cormica embodies the company’s values and commitment to providing innovative solutions to the medical device industry.

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