Microbiological Testing

Specialising in testing and evaluating Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals, including product safety and efficacy testing, microbiological analysis, and biocompatibility testing. We also offer sterility testing, validation of sterilisation processes, and environmental monitoring.

Cormica Microbiology Services plate reading
Cormica Analytical Chemistry service testing

Analytical Chemistry

We provide analytical chemistry and materials characterisation services to support medical device pharmaceutical development. Services include method development and validation, impurity identification, stability testing, particle size analysis, thermal analysis, spectroscopy, and microscopy, extrachables and leachables elemental and physical chemistry. The goal is to provide reliable data to develop and release safe and effective medical products.

Physical & Packaging Testing

We are leading experts in providing physical testing services for medical devices and pharmaceutical products, including packaging testing, transport & transit studies, ageing studies, sterile barrier validation, pre-filled syringe validation studies and a wide variety of combination device testing. They ensure product safety and efficacy through a range of tests.

Cormica Physical Testing

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