Cormica Analytical chemistry vials

Analytical Chemistry

Cormica excels in providing comprehensive Analytical Chemistry services, tailored to meet the needs of medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Drawing on the rich heritage of our world-renowned laboratories, including Cormica Bradford and Medical Engineering Technologies, ensures unparalleled quality and precision in every test we conduct.

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Cormica Microbiology Services plate reading

Microbiological Testing

Specialising in testing and evaluating Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals, including product safety and efficacy testing, microbiological analysis, and biocompatibility testing. We also offer sterility testing, validation of sterilisation processes, and environmental monitoring.

Physical Testing

Cormica offers all-encompassing testing services, including physical and functional evaluations, packaging, seal, and transit validations, conforming to GMP, GLP, and ISO17025 standards. This ensures the highest quality and safety for medical devices, combination devices and pharmaceutical products 


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