Guidebook to the Chemical Characterisation of Medical and Combination Devices





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Guidebook To The Chemical Characterisation Of Medical And Combination Devices

Meticulous testing of medical devices requires more than conveyer-belt treatment of samples and results. It is the knowledge and expertise, as well as the care and the personal immersion of our technicians that that are of real value to manufacturers of medical and combination devices.

The diversity of devices and delivery systems is growing, the regulations are growing, the markets are growing. There is an on-going demand for continual device improvement, new formulations, more effective treatments. 


Globally increasing numbers of diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and respiratory problems,
concurrent with increased government spending on health initiatives, give reason to believe that the market will flourish considerably over the next few years All these devices must be safe and effective and it must be recorded that they are safe and effective. 


We will help you document this by testing to the most stringent standards.
Our processes will adapt to the developing devices accordingly. This continual updating and upgrading of devices and testing standards alike make it necessary for testing
technology and contractors performing said tests to stay up-to-date.

The following articles, written by the biocompatibility and chemical analysis teams at
MET. The give in depth thought to the various biological safety standards the industry uses to test and validate medical devices. 


They give an up to date analysis of the current requirements and provide practical guidance on meeting those requirements. The reader is provided with an objective perspective and pathways to success.

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