Exploring Low Endotoxin Recovery Live Webinar



Presenter: Xavier Marti Cardona
Job Title: Scientist & Project Lead

Bio: Xavier Cardona is a key Scientist Project Lead at Wickham Micro Limited, with a focused expertise in Low Endotoxin Recovery (LER) studies. Over his four-year tenure, he has excelled in leading method development and enhancing testing accuracy within the Bacterial Endotoxin Test and Cell Culture (BET/CC) Department, ensuring the reliability and precision of endotoxin testing in pharmaceutical products.

Watch our webinar 'Exploring Low Endotoxin Recovery' on demand.

Dive deep into the world of Low Endotoxin Recovery (LER) with our upcoming webinar, presented by Xavier Marti Cardona from Wickham Micro. This comprehensive session will embark with a succinct introduction to bacterial endotoxins, laying the groundwork for an extensive exploration of LER studies — a cornerstone in pharmaceutical quality assurance.

Through this webinar, Xavier will guide attendees through the complexities of LER, leveraging real-world case studies to elucidate the challenges and methodologies intrinsic to these essential studies. The focus will be on the pivotal role of LER studies in uncovering and addressing the potential for endotoxin masking, a critical factor in ensuring the precision and dependability of endotoxin assays in drug development and quality control.

Designed for industry professionals, academicians, and all those vested in the advanced techniques and regulatory significance of LER studies, this session promises to enrich your understanding and approach towards ensuring drug safety and regulatory adherence.

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