Free Live Webinar - Transit Testing For Medical Device Packaging



Presenters: Christopher Mills and Bradley Lethby.
Job Titles: Technical Lead Scientist, Lead Scientist (Physical and Combination Devices).

Christopher Mills is a Technical Scientist with a strong foundation in package testing and development, especially in the healthcare sector. With over six years of experience, Christopher has honed his expertise in tertiary package testing and collaborated closely with clients to design and execute comprehensive shipping studies.

Bradley Lethby brings three years of invaluable experience in Transit Performance Testing to the table. During his tenure at Medical Engineering Technologies Ltd. He has meticulously conducted transit performance testing studies, leading numerous studies to optimise the efficiency and reliability of package systems.

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Download our free live webinar, ‘Transit Testing for Medical Device Packaging‘. Explore the vital aspects of ensuring safety and integrity of medical devices throughout the distribution process.

As medical devices journey from manufacturing facilities to healthcare providers and patients worldwide, they encounter environmental stresses and handling scenarios. Compromised packaging can mean regulatory non-compliance and serious health risks for end-users. This webinar will provide you the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate these challenges effectively.

Hosted by industry experts, Christopher Mills and Bradley Lethby, this webinar uncovers essential strategies and insights for effective transit studies, ensuring the safe transportation of medical devices from production to delivery. This session is ideal for manufacturers, quality assurance professionals, and logistics managers seeking to protect their products and meet stringent industry standards.

You’ll learn:

  • What transit testing is (for those unfamiliar).
  • Importance of transit testing for medical devices.
  • Current test standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Best practices for planning and executing shipping studies.
  • Distribution plans and risk management in transit testing.
  • And much more.

Meet the Presenters:

We will also recognise your engagement by presenting you with a Certificate of Attendance upon completing the webinar.

Cormica’s mission is to improve patients’ lives by providing comprehensive testing services, enabling clients to launch and release their products safely and rapidly across the world.

Our packaging and transit testing services include:

  • Seal Strength & Integrity
  • Transit Simulation
  • Accelerated Ageing

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and ensure your medical devices withstand the journey from production to patient. Register your place today.

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