Chemical Analysis & the Non-Targeted Screening of Medical Devices Webinar


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Completed on: 23/08/2023 – 11:00AM


Luminita Moraru MSc | MRSC
Medical Engineering Technologies Ltd

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Chemical Analysis & the Non-Targeted Screening of Medical Devices Webinar

The objective of the webinar is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the classification of medical devices, the importance of gathering material information, the process of conducting chemical analysis and selecting optimal extraction conditions.


The webinar aims to offer participants the knowledge and insights to understand targeted and non-targeted screening of medical devices using analytical chemistry techniques. Additionally, the interactive Q&A session with our Head of Analytical Chemistry at Medical Engineering Technologies will provide an opportunity for participants to address their specific queries and gain further clarity on the topics discussed during the webinar.


Overall, the objective of the webinar is to empower attendees by providing them with valuable information and practical strategies to enhance their proficiency in both targeted and non-targeted chemical screening of medical devices.


Agenda: –


  • Classification of medical devices
  • Gathering material information
  • Chemical analysis: Determining optimal extraction conditions
  • Interactive Session: Q&A with Head of Analytical Chemistry

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