Cormica Attends Medica in Medilink 2023


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13/11/2023 – 16/11/2023


Messe Dusseldorf,

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Cormica, along with its group laboratories MET (Medical Engineering Technologies Ltd) and Wickham Micro, will be exhibiting at this year’s Medica Trade Fair, the world’s largest event for the medical industry. This esteemed platform serves as the intersection where industry professionals from the realms of medical devices and pharmaceuticals come together to share insights, innovations, and forge meaningful collaborations.


A Presentation Not to Be Missed: Navigating ISO 11608 Series by Steven Malbon

Among the highlights of our presence at Medica will be a critical presentation by Steven Malbon, Combination & Physical Devices Manager at MET, a Cormica Lab. Steven will be delivering the talk “Navigating ISO 11608 Series: Needle-Based Injection System Design and Validation” shedding light on the intricacies involved in the design and validation process of needle-based injection systems as per the ISO 11608 Series guidelines.


Understanding the nuances of these standards is crucial for achieving both compliance and excellence in product development. This presentation aims to demystify the complexities and offer actionable insights that could make a pivotal difference in your project timelines and regulatory submissions.


Team of Experts on Site

Our dedicated team of professionals will be available throughout the week at Medica for one-on-one consultations. Experts include:


  • Michael Parlby: Our Business Development Manager with deep knowledge in Bacterial Endotoxing Testing, he can answer your microbiology questions.  
  • Tasmin Stock: Expertise in microbiology, Microbial identification, Maldi-Tof and more 
  • Steven Malbon: Combination & Physical Devices Manager, also the speaker at the event

Each team member brings a wealth of experience and specific expertise in areas critical to medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing. 


Whether your challenges lie in biocompatibility & toxicology, microbiology, functional and performance testing, or any of the myriad services we offer, our experts can provide tailored advice to address your unique needs.


Book Your Consultation Now

If you are looking to navigate the multifaceted landscape of medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing, this is a rare opportunity to consult with some of the industry’s most knowledgeable professionals. 


We invite you to book a consultation with our team to discuss how Cormica can help you launch and release your life-saving products more effectively, safely, and to a broader market.

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